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Epic Palace Knossos game
Epic Palace 

Epic Palace: Knossos is based on the latest scientific findings in archaeology. It was developed in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Philipp W. Stockhammer (LMU Munich) and was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Epic Palace Knossos Game Icon

The latest scientific research is transformed into a game where you can lead your family from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age! Take care of their food, progress and find out if you would have survived back then!

Bronzeon is an educational game that introduces pupils to archaeological knowledge about the Bronze Age in a playful way. It takes them into a scenario of the Bronze Age in Central Europe (2200 - 800 BC). The task for the pupils is to build up a settlement over several generations, to keep it running and to ensure the survival of the inhabitants.

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voletarium skyexplorers

In the new mobile game “Voletarium: Sky Explorers”, you can live the dream of flying.  How? By going on the search for the legendary “Volatus II” flying machine. In Voletarium, the former workshop of the inventors Eulenstein, you are able to develop your own flying machine to fly way up high and follow the traces of “Volatus II” through foreign countries.

Knightfall™ AR

Knightfall AR (A + E Networks) is an augmented reality experience designed by Milkroom Entertainment and co-developed by Milkroom & Spectral Games that places you in the world of The Knights Templar as they seek to defend the city of Acre from an invading army and protect Christianity’s most prized relic, the Holy Grail. Use your wits and sharp eyes to take out as many enemy soldiers as you can before they breach the walls. You’ll need to add and upgrade defenses between enemy waves, holding back your attackers long enough to fire on them with arrows and fireballs. In a separate feature mode, place characters from both the show and the game in your environment, choose animations and snap pics that can be shared to social media or directly with friends.


WE bring 

VR & AR to life.

voletarium skyexplorers
Rollercoaster  VR ride

Fly through the game worlds of  “Voletarium: Sky Explorers”. Get in the  'Alpenexpress Roller Coaster and expereince the game in first perspecive - in a real roller catser at Europa park.  You can live the dream of flying.

Galaxy VR Waterslide

Space ride

VR attractions are already being used in various theme parks to give visitors a fast-paced ride experience. In 2016 Therme Erding did bring the first VR tyre slide, VRSlide, to Germany and offering visitors a special bathing experience. The combination of VR technology and water slide was developed in cooperation between the leading slide manufacturer Wiegand and Maelzer, Samsung and the American development studio Ballast. Milkroom Studios created a part of the launch content for the  new attraction.

Munich Re

To give people an idea of what life might be like in 2030  we developed a virtual reality experience that takes the visitor from the real brand space into virtual space.




is at Work.

Hot Wheels Trackbuilder

Join Hot Wheels TM Track Builder for plenty of edge of-your-seat excitement as you take control of the ultimate track building experience!

we Make

Things Happen.

BMW CES spot

We provided 360 and VFX Supervision services for BMWs CES spot showcasing the new convertible BMW i8 

Where history 


new Technology.

Lincoln "live From History"

Realtime character shading and rendering (Unreal Engine)

We Tell

Your Story.

Filmstadt Atelier app

Get the free app for your visit to the FILMSTADT ATELIER with the exhibition "Bavaria Film - an interactive time travel through 100 eventful years".

Exciting discoveries await you:

360-degree insights into real film sets of "Sturm der Liebe," the Bavaria film quiz and a cool selfie with Tom Wlaschiha.

Set the scene and shoot your own little video of your flight over Phantàsien on the back of the super-cuddly lucky dragon Fuchur.

Find out where the funny little mascots of the film city are hiding and scan the QR codes for additional information at numerous stations on your journey of discovery.

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