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Revolutionizing Eye Disease Research with VR: Milkroom Studios and Vigeneron

Updated: May 17

Munich based Vigeneron is at the forefront of developing innovative gene therapies to treat ophthalmic diseases with high unmet medical need. In a ongoing collaboration, Milkroom Studios is supporting Vigeneron by developing state-of-the-art VR applications to evaluate the effectiveness of these therapies in clinical trials.

VR Technology in Medical Research

Traditionally associated with entertainment, VR is now making significant strides in the medical field. Milkroom Studios has developed advanced VR tools that simulate real-world scenarios, providing researchers with detailed insights into the impact of the treatments.

The Future of Eye Disease Treatment

By integrating VR technology into the evaluation process, Vigeneron and Milkroom Studios are setting a new standard for the measuring teh sucess of treatments for rare eye diseases. This collaboration promises to accelerate the development of effective therapies, bringing hope to patients with high unmet medical needs.

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