3. November 2016
Track Builder Tango launched – with great press!
Track Builder Tango launched – with great press!

The VentureBeats Lenovo Phab 2 launch article is all about our game!

“For me, it was plain old nostalgia, and it made me feel playful in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. The experience was so fun that I wondered if I could get back into the habit of playing with toy cars, even if they were digital. I found myself addicted, playing level after level. I delighted in seeing what would happen as I launched cars at different speeds, and I never got tired of looking at the tracks from different angles. In short, the game was immersive in a way that many other games aren’t. ”
( Jordan Novet/VentureBeat)

Lenovo starts selling Phab 2 Pro, the first Google Tango phone